Affiliate Disclosure

Hello, My name is Edward Millar owner of CastleCreekShops. I work with with my Wife as an affiliate marketer and recommend products on this website for which I earn a commission. I hope this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business.

Affiliate sales are like other large stores on the internet. Other stores sell there items through a dropshipper , buy wholesale or manufacture the product.

Stores using a dropshipper. The dropshipper sources the item, packages and ships the items purchased from the store owner . The store owner makes there profit from the difference in the price the dropshipper list the product for versus the price the store owner sells the item for.

Store owners who buy wholesale then sell retail make there profit from the  difference in the price the item was bought at wholesale for versus the price the store owner sold the product for.

Affiliates make a small commision off the price of the Vendor item. The item is not marked up from the vendor who sells the product . The commision comes out of the price of the item. The vendor may look at  the affiliate commision as part of the sales cost for marketing the item for them and that they may get future sales from the purchaser. Most stores that do dropshipping and wholesale may have an affiliate program. I hope this was informative.

We advise of the use of Mixi tracking technology.

ThankYou For Shopping With Us.